Viol Tutors / Jacqui Robertson-Wade

The Viol Player series of tutor books with play along CDs are the world’s first in the area of pedagogy for viols.  Aimed at children initially, they have since been used by adult beginners the world over as they offer step by step easy to follow instruction.  Viol Player books allow the player to develop technique for both left hand and the bow simultaneously, with the rewarding result of being able to make a beautiful sound no matter what the level of playing.

Worldwide reviews give them such acclaim as: “The author’s sense of humour, joy and enthusiasm for these books is evident on every page.  They are valuable tutors, and ones that I expect to use in my own teaching that I would gladly recommend to others.” John Mark Rozendaal, New York, December 2010, for the Viola da Gamba Society of America.   “Welcome to an excellent tutor for beginner viol players – I can whole heartedly recommend any one teaching to get this tutor.” Anna Shuttleworth, European String Teachers’ Association, Summer 2006.  “I thought this book was a delight.  It is intelligently planned and shows thorough road testing.  Many tutor books for other instruments could be improved by imitating this approach.”  Mary Pells, The Consort, The Journal of the Dolmetsch Foundation, Summer 2010.

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