Consorts for 5 Book 4


Edited by Alison Crum


For most publishers, it makes sense to bring out complete editions of music by established composers – and there is a wealth of such available today.  But for the player, a selection is often preferable. Rondo Publishing aims to fill this need, especially in their series of Consorts for Five.

In recent years I have enjoyed seeking out music by little known composers, and for this most recent volume (book 4) I have chosen pieces in a variety of styles, some by familiar names but many of them less well known. Much of the music has, until now, been unavailable in playing editions, or accessible only in large reference collections.

Most of the composers are thoroughly English, despite (in some cases) their foreign sounding names! Four pieces come from a German collection of dances (which also includes some of the best known English composers of the time), and one piece is by an Italian living in England.

I hope you enjoy playing or discovering my selection of music.

Alison Crum

See Alison Crum’s Introduction and Performance Suggestions for more information.

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Edited by Alison Crum


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