Viol Player Book 3


By Jacqui Robertson-Wade

Supplied with 2 play-along CDs supplied inside the back cover at High Pitch A=440 hz or Low Pitch A=415hz.

Click here for online lessons for the Viola de gamba and free viol player digital book and MP3

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Consort Pieces – see the music       Bass Viol – see the music

Tenor Viol – see the music              Treble Viol – see the music

Viol Player Book 3 encourages the development of technique with exercises to strengthen fingers, as well as the ability to use a more expressive bow.  Along with more rhythmically independent part writing in the accompaniments for most of the 37 pieces in this book, Viol Player Book 3 provides a range of repertoire to develop viol consort playing skills, as well as providing foundation technique. Photographs are included to illustrate technique.

54 pages in 6 Chapters with 6 Consort Pieces.  Play-along CD available in both high and low pitch, A=440hz or A=415hz.   Each piece has been recorded at two speeds – practice and performance.

Middle pages featuring ‘Drake’s Viols’ by Dr. Ian Woodfield, illustrated by Roger Fereday.

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Treble Viol, Tenor Viol, Bass Viol


CD ~ High A = 440hz Bass, CD ~ High A = 440hz Tenor, CD ~ High A = 440hz Treble, CD ~ Low A = 415hz Bass, CD ~ Low A = 415hz Tenor, CD ~ Low A = 415hz Treble, Download ~ High A = 440hz Bass, Download ~ High A = 440hz Tenor, Download ~ High A = 440hz Treble, Download ~ Low A = 415hz Bass, Download ~ Low A = 415hz Tenor, Download ~ Low A = 415hz Treble


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