Advanced Music for the Viola da Gamba

Rondo Publishing’s list of titles consists of a new edition of Simpson’s Divisions for the Practice of Learners from ‘The Division Viol’  edited by transcribed and edited by Alison Kinder, to arrangements of Bach by Jan Goorissen, via a visit to Durham Cathedral Library with the A27 manuscript and a publication of original pieces by Philip Falle, the original compiler of the MS, transcribed by Andrew Fowler.  In this section Rondo Publishing offers contemporary music for the smallest viol, the pardessus de viole as well as other editions of period music for advanced players.

The practice of arranging music for other instruments was certainly used by Bach and many other Baroque composers, so it is fitting for the ‘Viola da Gamba’ to acquire more ‘repertoire’ in this manner.  Jan Goorissen’s arrangement of BWV 526 now provides viol players with another Bach Sonata to play!  Mary Pells’ recent review in The Consort, The Journal of the Dolmetsch Foundation, writes: “The whole sonata works well and fits the instrument better than many other transcribed pieces I have performed.  The second movement, Largo, is particularly successful. The viol part often lies high in its range but the editor’s (Ibi Aziz) suggestions are helpful.”

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