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This new series of collections of consort music from the Rondo Viol Academy (Alison Kinder and Jacqui Robertson-Wade) is designed to help players navigate their way through repertoire when first starting to play the viol and be used in conjuction with Viol Player Book 3.

We have compiled 8 pieces for players to enjoy in first and half positions, and if the part 3 is played on a bass viol, then some shifting is required to the top fret in nos. 5 & 8.  For music with extensions and shifting to the top fret, these techniques can be found in Viol Player Book 4.  Bowings and dynamics have been added in the instrumental pieces only.  Texted pieces have been left blank for players to add their own dynamics.   Parts 2 and 3 are published in alternative clefs.

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  1. Chanson-Amour, partez, je vous donne la chasse: Claudin de Sermisy
  2. Ronde: Tielman Susato
  3. Remember O thou Man: Thomas Ravenscroft
  4. La Bounette: Thomas Mulliner
  5. Chanson-Je ne fus Jamais si aise: Clément Jannequin
  6. Mille Regretz: Tielman Susato
  7. Chanson-Quand le berger veid la bergère: Guillaume Costeley
  8. Spagnoletta: Michael Praetorius

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