Voices and Viols

Rondo Publishing’s commitment to pedagogy continues in consort music, providing graded repertoire for players.  Consorts for 5 Books 1, 2, 3 and 4 are now available and are a valuable resource for both players and teachers.  These books have also been used to provide set works on courses organised by the Rondo Viol Academy.  Additionally, Rondo has produced other consort books that link to Viol Player books: My First and Second Tudor Consort Book and Alison Kinder’s Carols for Two.

Passamezzo Editions from Tamsin Lewis include Wilbye’s Second Set of Madrigals to 3 and 4 parts, along with an original composition by Tamsin Lewis based on the text of the Cries of Rome and a selection of pieces for viol consort Consort Music to 4 parts apt for Voyals many of which are lute transcriptions. Another first for Rondo is the publication of Celtic Gold for six viols featuring arrangements of folk music by Jacqui Robertson-Wade, with Book 2 compiled and arranged by Tina Chancey.  Andrew Fowler’s collection of different settings of Susanne un jour in five parts brings together a collection for viol players to explore in one source. Rondo Publishing has produced repertoire especially for a consort of bass viols (also arranged for cellos) with Bass Delights Book 1 by Jacqui Robertson-Wade and Book 2 by Patsy Gritton.

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