The Notehouse People Book 2



TheNotehouse People Book 2 follows on from Book 1 and is a new and fun approach to music theory. The book is divided into 3 parts.

Part 1 is revision of the notes learnt in Book 1.  It also includes Tunes with the Notehouse People, which introduces the concept of reading well-known tunes alongside the Notehouse characters.

Part 2 teaches basic music theory.

Part 3 encourages children to put the theory into practice through composition. All parts can be used simultaneously as they are progressive, so the earliest compositions can be started when children are only a little way into the theory section.

Creepy Crawly Game

can be found in the middle pages and is a fun and easy way to reinforce the
teaching of rhythms and note lengths.

Making Music through Composition

To connect music theory with playing an
instrument, children can learn to play the pieces they have composed on their
instruments. This will provide them with a collection of their own
compositions to play or perform and will become the seed of inspiration for
further compositions along their musical journey of learning to play an




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