In Flower of April Springing




Introduction by Tamsin Lewis

Selected first pages

Seasonal Songs from 16th and 17th Century England

Edited by Tamsin Lewis

This collection is the first of the Passamezzo series to contain songs from all the seasons and it supplements This Merry Pleasant Spring, In Peascod Time, To Shorten Winter’s Sadness and Old Christmas Returned with new material. 

21 pieces in 2, 3, 4 and 5 parts on 78 pages.

Score: Twenty one pieces in varying number of parts from duets to five parts. (Treble/Bass clefs). 78 pages for voices,  recorders, viols or violin family.

  • Six duets.
  • Seven 3 part pieces.
  • Four 4 part pieces.
  • Four five part pieces.

Parts:  Available in the following clefs, on CD for home printing

  • Part 1 Treble Clef
  • Part 2 Treble Clef
  • Part 2 Octave Treble Clef
  • Part 3 Treble Clef
  • Part 3 Octave Treble Clef
  • Part 3 Alto Clef
  • Part 4 Octave Treble Clef
  • Part 4 Alto Clef
  • Part 5 Bass Clef

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