Bach Chorales Intermediate Book 1


Bach Chorales for Intermediate Viols from the Rondo Viol Academy

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This series of collections of Bach Chorales is designed to help players navigate their way through repertoire at a Lower Intermediate and Intermediate level. This book can be used in conjunction with Viol Player Books 3 & 4.

Parts 2 and 3 are published in alternative clefs.

Range of notes

Some Chorales have been transposed to accommodate the range of notes to fit on Tr.Tr.Ten.B, but also Tr.Ten.B.B.  The parts in alternative clefs go to the top fret on the tenor viol (Part 2, nos. 2 & 9) and bass viol (Part 3, no. 9).  For the treble viol, no. 9, part 1 also goes to the top fret.


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