Rondo get excellent reviews in the VdGSA News!

VdGSA News, official publication of the Viola da Gamba Society of  America. December 2011. 

“For those not familiar with it, Rondo Publishing is a British company whose editions are very handsome.  The music layout is clear and easy to read.  The glossy cover of the editions is graced with attractive photos of a variety of viols, and the interior cover contains advertisements for various viol-related companies – an innovative idea.” Brady Lanier, Houston Texas.

Full reviews can be found in the information page of each edition.

Simpson: Divisions for Practice of Learners ed. Alison Kinder

“The volume is wonderfully easy to read and is recommended to those who may be intimidated by the tiny print and diamond-shaped note heads of the original. This is altogether a well-thought-out attractive edition.” Brady Lanier, Houston, Texas. 


Philip Falle, Fantaisie & Passacaille, In genere Harmonico ed. Andrew Fowler

I would recommend this work for mid-to lower-level amateurs who don’t feel quite ready for Marais.  This is an attractive piece and a welcome addition to the repertoire.” Brady Lanier, Houston Texas.

Celtic Gold for 6 Viols, compiled and arranged by Jacqui Robertson-Wade

All are attractive, tuneful pieces that should delight fans of this genre.  The technical and rhythmic challenges are not insignificant, however, and difficulties are shared equally
among all six players.  Techniques required included slurred sixteenth notes, three and four-note chords, pizzicato, dotted rhythms alternating with triplets and a few quick string crossings.”  Brady Lanier, Houston Texas.

This is now available for recorder consort!

Consorts for Five: A Collection of Consort Music for Viols. Ed by Jacqui Robertson-Wade and Andrew Fowler

“An energetic pioneer in the world of viol teaching for children Robertson-Wade established viol instruction for Warwickshire Music Service in the UK thirteen years ago. She directs various children’s consorts, many of which have received national
recognition.  This collection builds on her deep teaching experience and will be particularly useful in an educational environment – saving much research time – as a foundation for collegium and consort programmes.

This is a reasonably priced collection of enjoyable pieces useful for intermediate players and one that belongs on every coach’s shelf.”

Barbara Zuchowicz, Ontario VdGSA News, Official publication of the Viola da Gamba Society of America, Vol XLVIII no 4.  December 2011.